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" Mark Gordon’s work is deeply evocative of time and place. With a deft use of light and colour he possesses an almost uncanny ability to draw out the memories and past lives of those who once inhabited the spaces within his paintings. This is very evident in the Calke Abbey, Sutton Hoo and Ulster Cottage works, which capture the interiors with an almost hallucinatory intensity. I can smell those rooms and hear their silence. They invite reflection and call on the imagination in a compelling and insistent fashion. Landscapes too come under Mark’s curious and quiet gaze; the seafront at Cromer oozes a poignant sense of pathos relieved (or perhaps even heightened) by) the faint orange glow of the street lamp just outside the frame. An artist of real depth and talent who invites us to see the world through his eyes and gives great reward for having done so." : 07742 458270